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Cheap Braun Series 1 1-150 Men's Shaver With Free Shipping

Braun Series 1 1-150 Men's Shaver

List Price: $59.99
Price: $32.58
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Product Description

 Easy-to-use Braun Men's 1150 Series now offers some simple and easy to use in the current complex environment. A new free float system Extra wide efforts to the contour of your face for shaving. The rechargeable (30 minutes and get time/1-hour hair) and washable for convenience. The elegant design fits comfortably in your hand and easier to handle.

Forget the bells and whistles. Forget about the complications and inconveniences. Men's Series 1150 razor shave give free float, only the hair, without effort, at an unbeatable price, more time to think about the really important things in life.

Product Details
Feature Series 1 190  
Shaving System Foil
Cleaning Method Washable/Brush
Display Charging Light
Power Source Cord / Cordless Operation
Cordless Shave Time 30 Minutes
Charge Time 1 Hour
Quick-Charge Time 5 Minutes
Voltage Adjustment Automatic Worldwide Voltage Adjustment
Shaver Key Features and Benefits
FreeFloat™ System
Will give you a close shave effortlessly. Unique floating-foil system easily follows your facial contours using extra-wide, ultra-thin foil technology for a smooth and close finish.
Precision Trimmer
Extendable long-hair trimmer for precise trimming of moustache and sideburns.

Series 1 Model Overview
Series 1 190
FreeFloat System
Precision Trimmer
Floating-foil system
Extra-Wide 13-mm foil diameter
Ultra-thin foil technology
Long-Hair trimmer Slider
Corded / Cordless
Quick-Charge 5 Min
Battery-Recharge Time 1 Hour
Cordless operation 30 Min
Enviromentally friendly cells 2 x NiMh
Automatic worldwide voltage adjustment
12-V Smart Plug
Visual Indicators Charging light
Electronic switch
Foil-protective cap
Cleaning brush
Oil bottle
Color Metallic grey

Product Description

Series 1 shaver

 This is my first razor burns and disappointed when I shave. This razor has exceeded my expectations and could cause the leaves to that place only certain opportunities.

Definitely a soft ride, is not so much as a knife, but almost. The biggest surprise is the fact that my skin does not burn or irritate the throat and chin.

Form allows a good fit in the hand and is small enough to travel easily. It can be contained and cleaned by washing with a brush. Braun recommends that certain parts which after 18 months of continuous quality. Connect the charger and NiMH batteries would be sufficiently rewarded, will not start.

If you are a regular razor, use or want to consider trying one, I recommend the Braun. He made my wife happy with my busy, and this is crucial.

Brown has a lot of razor budget, the latest, innovative products like Braun Pulsonic Shaver $ 200 + men, Panasonic Vortex, Norelco arcitec

Braun Pulsonic

Consumer razors are aware of the costs of an important niche. Increasingly Leaves "/ pages (such as Arc de Panasonic), simplicity of design is still valid.

I have tried a number of Remington Shavers, Norelco, Panasonic, Braun, Panasonic Shavers three generations of linear and I am currently died with Panasonic Arc Shaver (, sharper image).

Package content:
Blade shields
Lubrication solution


Razor is a razor blade simple, inexpensive and unique floating "street". Shot Lawn Mower is rebuilt. The unit has a separate button, and the light can not know when the copper. A small silver frame with a smooth and conservative. It is a good grip means.

Unit corresponds to the form. In no event or constant energy. However, to protect a key lock aluminum. Cover is very good and stable. I prefer getting it from razor-type cases - even from cheap nylon. This is one of + $ 50 in the first year of the homes that are not covered by the case.


Aluminum bends with the contours of the face and is able to cut-region (junction of the jaw and neck). The head is flat and not twist or bend. Cutting is very similar, but not like a razor, a true classic (first phase) or later, you shave your head, how to close a mobile phone. Razor is not surprising, throat cut - to what for most, if not all, electric razors / razor.

My skin is sensitive to shave and leaves the skin soft and without irritation, burning sensation or feeling from the hair (as opposed to Remington or Norelco first generation to meet). One of the things that do not cut the skin, in contrast to the old Remington shaver.

Mower is clean and precise cuts.


Bright allows the cleaning blade (Unplugged) and say, advice on handling the device until it is completely dry. I still prefer this method of "self-cleaning" solutions for the yard as a Remington shaver (expensive, cumbersome and confusing.) Brush and oil are useful for straw. The manufacturer claims is that the blade will take about 18 months (I think, depends on the application and hair-user).


However, it is sharp (noise above the average), and even more, because the courts. This OS / performance is much smaller than the models upscale boutique.

Razor is not a dry and wet and is not waterproof, not suitable for use in the shower. But that price, many U-boats of the shave is not alone. After cleaning, we recommend that the protection is separate from the body to facilitate drying.

The load will cover 16 hours after a large negative first payment for eight hours to future costs. Experience the razor, a fee (which is 1 hour and 5 minutes at full load quickly Braun Pulsonic flagship), painfully long time to download. Although not related, there are moments when a long cooldown, it is not appropriate (such as travel to another country or hiking). It is to shave about 20 minutes travel time to one day per week to three minutes.


This would be a good electric razors trip support short-term or five in the shade of hair in the workplace and for everyday use.

Overall, it is an excellent performance at a price.

Before the noise and the load average is a major negative that it give me a full 5 stars can.

Do not take my word. The company feels so strongly that you are satisfied that the shaver a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this device, you may return it for a full refund .

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