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Braun Series 3-390cc Men's Shaving System Free shipping

Braun Series 3-390cc Men's Shaving System

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Product Features
  • It credibly delivers a most comfortable shave
  • Independently floating heads shave both short and long hairs in one stroke
  • Incredible skin comfort
  • Independently floating shaving elements provide unprecedented adaptability

Important Information

Tip for perfect shave: At all times, hold the shaver at right angles (90 degree) to your skin. Stretch your skin and shave against the direction of your beard growth.


Product Description

Manufacturer Product Description

Welcome to a revolution of new 3-Series Shaving System Braun. It offers a very credible comfortable shave. The new 3 Series is a breakthrough shaving head skin wonderfully soft. The Triple Action Free Float System consists of three (3) provide independent floating elements, unprecedented adaptability shaving, to maximize the effectiveness of the shaving system. Floating blades provide a smooth soft feel while shaving the skin and gives comfort thereafter. The three floating heads shaved hair short and long term on a train, for maximum comfort. The high adaptability to shave add items to a very pleasant feeling of softness on the skin. Braun Series 3 gives you a smooth skin so that you experience a smooth transition to your Monday morning. Goodbye weekend. Hello smooth skin. New Braun Series 3 also offers improved ergonomics. Its shape easily adapts to the user's hand, while the increased use of soft material provides a comfortable grip and greater control of the razor.
Product Details
Feature Series 3 390cc
Shaving System Foil
Cleaning Method Clean&Renew™ System
Display LED
Power Source Corded/Rechargeable Operation
Cordless Shave Time 45 minutes
Charge Time 1 hour
Quick Charge Time 5 minutes
Voltage 100-240 V
Shaver Key Features and Benefits
Triple Action Free Float System
Three (3) independently floating heads shave both short and long hairs in one stroke, for incredible skin comfort. Three (3) independently floating shaving elements provide unprecedented adaptability.
Smart Foil
Unique foil patterns captures hair growing in different directions.
Washable under running water for easy cleaning.
Clean & Renew™ System
Cleans the shaver head in alcohol for optimal hygiene.
Series 3 Model Overview

Series 3 390cc

Series 3 370cc

Series 3 360
Triple Action Free Float System
Clean & Renew™ System
Precision Setting Switch
Long Hair Trimmer
Protection case/cap
Quick Charge 5 min 5 min 5 min
Battery Recharge Time 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour
Cordless Operation 45 min 45 min 45 min
Battery Cells Li-ions Li-ions Li-ions
Voltage Type 100-240 V 100-240 V 100-240 V
Smart Plug
Visual Indicator LEDs 4+1 4 3
Color Silver/Black Silver/Grey Black/Black

Customer Reviews

Of course, the title does not say much since I use a razor until it almost falls apart, replace the batteries as they die. My last two have been a razor Remington Interceptor (comb / trimmer between the blades) and an old Remington Triple Screen. I have a fairly light beard, but a problem with hair is close to the skin have. This means that even with the Interceptor I using the equipment side, these unruly hair would be cut in front of the screen, the task was completed. The cut on my two Remington no other, in two months, so a new razor was mandatory. My son suggested I try a Braun. I looked over the specifications and opted for a third set I felt the series 5 and 7 were a bit too much to claim the prize, and a series did not have the "comb ", as Brown called, between the blades. I chose the 370cc because I try cleaning / charging station, but the local Bed, Bath and Beyond store in the stock would only 390cc. With BB & B 's liberal policy on the expiry date of 20% coupon, the pricewas as good or better than anywhere else. With the 390, I never use the mower, except for an occasional trim burns my page almost nonexistent. The 'station Kamm "and the knife are the low-lying hair, with some additional passages, more than any razor I've ' never used, and even take care of occasional wild hair in the ears. Compare hair doesn "t a blade, but it is as good or better than any razor I've 'never used and still have razor burn. I've it was for about five weeks, and I'm in the process of implementation of the rechargeable battery fully charged before three times, as recommended, to achieve full capacity. The first shipment took about three weeks. The second count is a little more than half gone, it looks like three weeks on a single charge, is typical of my shaving. The razor Clean me "lights, after all shaved two or three, if you clean / load a few days, he's ready to go when you're away. I leave every day in the cleaner / charger but don t plan 'port of the charger until the press needs cleaning, when I went ' tthrough my full discharge cycles. When cleaning, light cleaning is long enough to evaporate the liquid cleaning with alcohol, indicating that the shaver is easy to use dry enough. However, you can parry and run both the head and the razor under running water to clean the streets. Even between cleanings with a razor in the station, the chef has a clean lemony "aroma, due to the proximity of the cleaning solution. It comes with a pretty paper aside for the trip in case To prevent damage should the series with a hammer. At this point, if I had to redo, I just want to go with this razor, without a second.

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