Thursday, May 13, 2010

Braun 5270 Silk-épil X'elle Body System Epilator

Braun 5270 Silk-épil X'elle Body System Epilator

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Product Features

  • Helps you capture even single stray hairs resulting in ultimate smoothness
  • Smart start head helps make your start in epilation easy
  • Softlift system, part of the epilation system, lifts and guides the shortest and flat lying hairs to tweezers
  • 4-way moving massaging rollers stimulate skin with micro pulses before and after hair is removed to minimize pulling sensation
  • Regrowth is slower and finer, leaving your skin silky smooth for up to 4 weeks

Product Description Product Description

These days women are busier than ever! Since shaving is the last thing on your mind, Braun created the Silk-epil X'elle -- a 40-tweezer epilator that provides smooth skin for up to four weeks. Best of all, it is significantly reduces the discomfort that other hair-removal systems are known for.
The Braun Silk-Epil Xelle Body System Epilator offers:
  • 40-tweezer epilator for long lasting smooth skin.
  • Massage rollers to reduce pain.
  • Built-in SmartLight to highlight every hair.

Active Massage rollers reduces pain and discomfort. View larger.
Proven Fast and Painless Hair Removal
Epilation removes hair at root level resulting in smooth skin that lasts for weeks. The X'elle features Active Massage rollers that glide over the skin and gently stimulate it with micro pulsations before and after the hair is removed to reduce any pain or discomfort. The perfect solution to all-over hair removal, it features a 40-tweezer system that takes away even the tiniest hair and a SmartLight that highlights every hair, so you can't miss those flat-lying strays. For days when you don't feel like epilating, it comes with an additional shaver head with OptiTrim attachment to trim hair and maintain irresistibly smooth skin.
A Smart Design for Easy Control
Braun's Silk-epil X'elle is specially designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. You'll experience easy grip and control for maneuvering the device in sensitive areas. And its efficient Pro Clip feature follows your body curves for fast and thorough epilation wherever its needed -- whether it be the forearms, thighs, bikini area or underarms. Two speeds give you the option of fast or slow epilation. The exclusive X'pert-epil technology has 40 uniquely positioned tweezers, for quick and more efficient results. Regrowth is slow and it leaves hair finer and thinner every time around. With this epilator, you may even save money on disposable razors and waxing.
What's in the Box
Epilator, shaving head, brush, and pouch.

I had to shave a year and shave on a regular basis, but I noticed that the majority does not function well, it's a pinch of skin. Epilator is the cream crop! Meets all my expectations and more!

The packaging is nice, but do what we have the right ingredients. And "well designed, comfortable form of beans, which lies in the hand. For good to grip and control, especially in inner parts of the noise.

I used it in my forearms, thighs, calves and shoulders ....even Epilator in all areas and proven ease massage rollers really / discomfort can stun. I have the pain and was surprised to small and the total absence (note that I am a regular shaving Clock). Epilator voice is a bit "overwhelming, because it is relatively high.

Shaving head is the perfect choice for yourself, and even better, the cutting device to act --- fast and simple. I like the fact that if I have the opportunity to hair (hair is too short), a straight razor works well.

Smart Light I must say, I love it. It is the best thing about this device. Without him, I spent in areas that are always on a regular wax. But around for any hair around the body. I'm worried about my hair, can be found in places who do not know that ---- the hair inside the arc of the elbow, hands, knees empty.

I'm only complaint is a short cable. Cable could be longer connect because I have a renewal in order to do it right, Twist and Nice. Otherwise I love this product and recommend it to others .

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